Late in the 19th century roaming cattle were constantly found grazing on the sweet grass of the granite hills which are now home to Nannup Estate. Farmers recognised the quality of the land and the location was one of the first to be taken up for agriculture in the region. It is still considered by local farmers as prime production land.

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the property

This property was still owned by descendants of the original settling family when purchased by Mark and Alison Blizard in 1998. It clearly had all the attributes needed to successfully grow quality wine grapes. Signs of the original farm are all around and are a reminder of the property’s pioneering past.

Firetower, Jarrah Firetower, Still Erected, Nannup Estate, Prime Production Land, Still Standing On the Property

the firetower

In pride of place overlooking the entire property is a solid jarrah firetower erected in the 1960s by the then Forestry Department. As this land is amongst the highest in the district, the tower was once a vital link in the department's fire control operations. Today more sophisticated methods have seen the tower go out of service but it still stands as a testament to the property’s prominent position in the landscape.